What people say

Find out what young people and parents are saying about how IBDmate can help.

“IBDmate is exactly what I needed when I was a child struggling to understand and come to terms with my diagnosis. I’m now a parent of a teen with Crohn’s disease, and the same applies for him. Having instant access to accurate, trustworthy and thoughtfully produced information, as well as hearing stories and experiences from others just like them, will be incredibly helpful, reassuring and empowering for young people with IBD and their families.”

IBD patient and parent

“Since diagnosis, my main worry was feeling completely alone in what I have experienced. However, after trialling IBDmate and hearing the stories of other IBD sufferers available on the platform, I no longer feel so isolated. IBDmate is a fountain of important information surrounding inflammatory bowel diseases. Life with IBD isn’t easy, but IBDmate makes it easier.”

Katherine, 16
Crohn’s patient

“I really like the layout of IBDmate because it makes all the information I need easy to find, and the videos are great for people who are put off by too much reading. I think that it’s a really good idea for people who are new to IBD and are feeling unsure about lots of things. It’s even better as it’s so easy to access - I can get IBDmate on any device, even my phone!”

Max, 13
Crohn's patient

“Easy to navigate, IBDmate has everything you need to help you and your child understand their condition. Full of child sensitive explanations we felt confident that our teenage son, who has Ulcerative colitis, would benefit from having access to the extremely helpful information, videos and other children’s stories that make you feel you are not alone in the IBD world. Amazing, thank you IBDmate”

Stefan and Suzanne
Parents of Ben, age 17