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IBDmate is a free online resource for young people with IBD and their families to learn about living with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and IBDU.

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IBD experts explain everything you need to know - from symptoms and diagnosis to tests and treatments.

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Young patients share their experiences of life with IBD and tips they’ve picked up along the way.


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Dr Robert Heuschkel
Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist

“IBDmate is exactly what I needed when I was a child struggling to understand and come to terms with my diagnosis. I’m now a parent of a teen with Crohn’s disease, and the same applies for him. Having instant access to accurate, trustworthy and thoughtfully produced information, as well as hearing stories and experiences from others just like them, will be incredibly helpful, reassuring and empowering for young people with IBD and their families.”

IBD patient and parent

“Easy to navigate, IBDmate has everything you need to help you and your child understand their condition. Full of child sensitive explanations we felt confident that our teenage son, who has Ulcerative colitis, would benefit from having access to the extremely helpful information, videos and other children’s stories that make you feel you are not alone in the IBD world. Amazing, thank you IBDmate”

Stefan and Suzanne
Parents of Ben, age 17